How to be Somebody

Handing out books - How to be somebody by Mark Mendes - book on Humility

Here are some different ways people have handed out this book:

1. Setting up a table outside of Church after Mass         and handing them out. (Always with the                     permission of the Pastor first of course).

2. Giving books away during the County Fair and Right to Life booths. 

3. Mailing them to friends, priests, religious                  orders, radio stations, Catholic books stores,            Parish DRE's, Deacons. 

4. Giving them away during pledge drives. 

5. Priest orders them for book club, all CCD                    teachers, to give away to all RCIA candidates,          as Christmas presents for all there Catholic                school faculty.  

6. Giving it to family members or friend's                        struggling with cancer, death in the family,              marital problems, depression, drug and alcohol      addiction, laziness, loosing the faith, and many      many other struggles too numerous to list. 

7. Handing them out to all there employees for             Christmas. 

8. Putting a link to this website on there website,          or telling other Catholic sites to link to it. 
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 site as a link to this site. 

These are just some of the idea's that have been given to me by others. Thanks for sharing!!

How to be somebody handing out books Mark Mendes