How to be Somebody

Audiobook - How to be somebody by Mark Mendes

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Prayer before reading this book on Humility:

Chapter 1. The Call to Greatness

Chapter 2. What is Humility?

Chapter 3. What is Pride?

Chapter 4. The Four Types of Pride

Chapter 5. What the Saints Have to Say                                    about Humility

Chapter 6. What Other Say about Humility

Chapter 7. Living Humility

Chapter 8. Part 1. The Three Stages of                 Humility

Chapter 8. Part 2

Chapter 9. Saints Advise These Practices                               for Growing in Humility

Chapter 10. Examples of Humility

Chapter 11. Examples of Pride

Chapter 12. Prayers and Litanies for                                           Humility

Chapter 13. Personal Meditations on                                           Humility

Chapter 14. Part 1. Other Quotes and
                           Scripture Verses on Humility

Chapter 14. Part 2

Chapter 14. Part 3

Chapter 15. The Pride-ometer: Test yourself

Mark Mendes book on humility